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Saturday Nov 25, 2023

Dr. Lou Walters uses research, personal experiences, and professional stories to unravel why so many people suffer from (daily) fatigue. Some will sound familiar, others may make you scratch your head and inspire you to get more answers in your own life. Dr. Lou's is an interesting story; and it has made him a physician who treats "people" rather than just diseases. A dis-ease such as fatigue can be the outcome of what's going on inside the person. 
Amongst other things we discuss detoxing, thyroid- and adrenal disorders, being an empath, and childhood traumas. I hope you experience several A-Ha moments while listening to our conversation. 
00:01 - Introductions. His practice is The Source Wellness Center in Bozeman, Montana ( Phone is (406)-551-6175.
02:15 - How does he define fatigue? He asks a lot of questions to learn about his patients so he is better able to help the person-behind-the-disease. His intake-form is quite extensive. Includes a food-log in case that applies.
10:24 - Autonomic nervous system has two parts: sympathetic (fight-or-flight) and parasympathetic (rest-digest-and-heal). Sympathetic affects our digestive system. Food: what goes in… some must come out. Looking at the elimination process. Bio-therapeutic drainage versus cleansing.
20:09 - Being constipated could be great reason why people have fatigue. Digestion takes energy. Fasting/cleansing needs to be addressed carefully. 
For the body there are many options to start feeling better. There are also many aspects to consider when the body doesn’t feel good, or your energy is low.
27:15 - Dr. Lou: we can not treat every person the same. That’s what most naturopathic doctors do different than allopathic doctors. But natural is not always better. He focuses on helping people as a person not just focusing on a disease. How to have the most effect with the least amount of therapies?
35:17 - The effect of hormones (imbalance) on fatigue. Adrenals and thyroid imbalances should be looked at and probably be addressed. Adrenal Cortex and Adrenal Medulla, the hormones they produce, and their functions. 
42:19 - Going deeper into the thyroid and the adrenals. The link between cortisol production and pineal gland, as well as the effect food has on our cortisol levels. All the hormones affect each other. Addressing the pituitary gland and its hormones; the role of the hypothalamus. Analogy of the orchestra. Explaining auto-inflammatory immune disorder. 
52:28 - Confusing thyroid blood tests reference ranges. People still have so many symptoms. Explaining the thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) function, and how to visualize its relation to the thyroid. Doctors don’t really read a blood test correctly, thereby not always seeing links between different levels. Sometimes, glands and hormone imbalances work like a teeter-totter.
1:00:25 - Food, supplements, and meds for better thyroid function. Synthetic versus natural. Follow-up visits are usually too far apart to measure results of the therapy. Dr. Lou is not a doctor for the money. 
1:08:38 - Why Dr. Lou became a naturopathic physician? He explains part of his own interesting health story. How not focusing on money often brings blessings and fortitude in other areas. How (re-)focusing can increase our energy. Our nervous system is hard-wired to look at the negative in everything. Just like a muscle we can re-train that. Life experiences and choices, both good and bad, make us the person we are today. 
1:20:41 - There is a misunderstanding about what we think a doctor is? Patients deserve attention and too many don’t get it from their physician. The only “failure” in life is when we give up. This will affect our mood and our energy. Where do you put your focus during your actions? If you focus on stress, then this depletes energy, life force, and quality of your life. Book by Gordon Neufeld, PhD: Hold On to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers (Gordon Neufeld, PhD). The effect of social media on our young generation. 
1:35:04 - Loneliness has become a big problem amongst our population. Roseto, Pennsylvania (The Roseto Effect). Dr. Lou’s Great Grandfather moved there from Italy. Dr. Walters recently visited Roseta, Italy. Americans have a tendency to work hard for/by themselves. How do we manage stress? It’s easy to blame others (we become reactionary); we need to change our own attitude towards feelings of resentment. Does this really affect us in ten years from now? Stories about a broken washing machine, and about a deer breaking into grocery store.
1:47:20 - How can we express our emotions in a healthy way? How does Dr. Lou offer help? We are so responsible for the stressors in our own lives, which also include living in the modern world. We seem to simply run out-of-time. Dr. Lou talks about foods causing inflammation. Conversing these issues with a physician may lead to getting antidepressants.
1:57:06 - Understanding the uncomplicated mind of a child. Our home/house shows an expression of who we are. Dr. Lou’s recent hunting trip. 
Discussing the presence of empathic people. He suggests they learn to feel their own bodies really good, so they understand when the new energy they feel is their own or from the person/people close to them. How to not hold on to other people’s energies. Not everybody who is fatigued is an empath.
2:11:48 - Where does early childhood trauma fit in? It can eventually turn into an eating disorder, long term fatigue, unhappiness, and whatever symptoms the body and mind use to get that trauma out.
Why do people come to you? What do they expect from a visit with you? Dr. Walters is trying to assess how long and how often he may have to meet with them to accomplish the health goals they have. Overcoming emotional feeling when his patients do not come back to him.
Words we use are energy and vibration and they can affect people near and far. And we do that to our selves as well.
2:25:31 - End

Saturday Oct 28, 2023

Marji Mills is a gentle soul who craves to connect with Mother Earth, and learn from her wisdom. This has taken her on many journeys to beautiful areas on this planet. It has also inspired her to take courses and do trainings to get confirmation for what she feels, and to then reach out to others looking for answers and to those who need help with that connection.
Marji is very down-to-earth (pun intended) in her daily life, having focused on raising her daughter from a young age after her husband died after an illness. Simultaneously she became a 
certified clinical Herbalist, massage therapist, Certified Forest Therapy Guide, Transformational Wilderness Guide, and a Nature-Connected Coach. 
We already started a great conversation before the microphones went on. Here is the continuing story and some flashbacks.
00:00 - Introductions
03:19 -  Marji and I both have a passion for humanity, and helping people. She craves the quietude of being in nature. Her favorite quote: “You’re never alone.” Everything is from the earth; healing comes from the earth, and from your connection to nature. Marji feels she was born in the wrong time.
09:11 - Her introduction into herbology. She is a Certified Clinical Herbalist. Herbs work with the body to make it work more optimally. She got the opportunity to work on a better and deeper connection with the earth. She spent time in Nepal, Peru, and West-Africa.
The need for helping other people connect with nature and connect with the earth, without using any dogma. 
16:25 - “Forest Bathing” What happens to people’s health when you expose them to a forest environment (popular in Japan.) It helps to calm their spirit. Japanese Garden in Ashland, Oregon. Forest Bathing is roughly a 3-hour experience. Afterwards Marji has forest tea.
21:37 - Trainings and certifications Marji has mastered. Working through her bullet points: Herbalist, massage therapist, Certified Forest Therapy Guide, Transformational Wilderness Guide, a Nature-Connected Coach, work with medicine people in other nations (they don’t hand-out certifications), Dagara tribe from Africa. “Initiation” versus “remembering.”
29:09 - Jacobus believes in reincarnation; it makes sense to him.
Different incarnations versus generational DNA. There is a calm knowing by the ancestral rituals this Dagara tribe does. Stationary tribal life versus modern civilization that travels a lot. 
35:24 - Marji says modern culture has touched virtually every inch of humanity across the planet. Doesn’t have to be bad; but it has truly changed cultures; and has created a dis-connect. It has also caused a dilution of tribal practices and rituals of connection with the earth. The overall information is not coming from a book; it comes from Mother Nature. Even the ancient prophets would find their inspiration and answers from going into nature. Marji: “The awareness that the human disconnection from the wisdom of the earth is different than the Wisdom itself being gone.” 
41:48 - Story about mother and daughter. Mom has rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes 2, and depression. Depressed ever since her son died 35 years ago after living for only one month. Her mom’s pain has caused the mother not to be able to breastfeed her older daughter, which now has also caused the daughter to deal with emotional pain from ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences). Jacobus made some suggestions how to make peace about all this and overcome all the pain (emotional and physical).
Marji: “We don’t allow people to really grieve.” There is always something to grieve.
50:47 - Many relationships end because of trying to handle grief.
Much has to do with the “ancestors, who are in the earth.”
Many people miss connection. The earth will reveal, and reflects to us what we need in the moment.
Invitation to go in the forest and notice small things. It’s not about learning here; it is about noticing. This will help to speak from the belly and the heart out, instead of from the head up.
57:33 - Tom Elpel from Pony, Montana: "Are you someone who uses nature as wallpaper? … or do you experience it?"
Continuing story about using intuition when listening and talking with customers. Feeling Gratitude when that connection is made.
Marji’s story about dealing with customer in herb store when she was just starting out in retail. A supplement cannot work until the customer is ready for it. The practitioner should not be attached to the pill or product.
1:08:42 - Marji’s story about fresh-juicing for someone who doesn’t want to do that type of therapy. We have to let go of the power that we humans can heal someone. We can only connect them. The individual will have to feel good about the therapy they need for their specific ailment. All we can do is help them by explaining what that therapy does for them, if they ask to learn more about it.
1:13:25 - Marji, about question someone asked her: “What do you do when people don’t believe you? How do you convince them?” 
Let’s be closer to nature.
1:16:47 - End

Friday Oct 27, 2023

Dr. Thomas Sexton's mind and spirit work hard every day. Not just for his patients, but also for himself. 
I therefore always enjoy hearing his words, his train of thoughts, his life experiences... good, tough, and bad. He is a very interesting intuitive healer, letting his patients' blood and energy fields dictate the path that should get the best results. He therefore puts himself in neutral and is guided by the knowledge of the universe that is both outside us and within us. 
It always makes for an interesting conversation because of the overlapping concepts, and using wisdom he has learned from so many teachers during his 50 years of practice. Meanwhile, he is a child at heart.
Again, I had a great time with him. Perhaps sit back, relax, and let it all come over you.
0:00 - Beginning and Introduction
Urgency of the 3-year COVID cycle: very disturbing.
Doctors were blacklisted; conflicting information was broadcasted.
Possible infertility because of the vaccine and shedding. People were controlled by fear. So much more is happening behind the scenes; meanwhile, we are told a lie. Today our kids get too many shots. We are overmedicated but we are not #1 in health.
08:05 - We are being disempowered.
Dr. Bryan Ardis (at recent seminar) talks about helping long-haul COVID sufferers with nicotine patches.
Different governments have been poisoning their populations for many decades. We now have autoimmune diseases. Dr. Sexton says that is ridiculous. Natural medicine has been around for four thousand years, Western medicine only around for 125 years, calls it “alternative.”
He is not a fan of Louis Pasteur.
15:53 - You can see it in the blood. What does that mean?
Thomas got into microscopy in Germany in the 1980’s. He then got involved with Dark Field microscopy, looking at actual live blood. People have diseases based on the environment they live in, including the environment of love and the environment of stress.
24:00 - Dealing with three times COVID; it really affected him.
We need to use our experience to help prepare others. It is a spiritual battle and initiation. 
Thomas grew up questioning. He questioned the Vietnam War; today it’s questioning COVID, and the fires in Maui.
You cannot give what you don’t have. You cannot give health if you don’t have health. We need to study and understand the history and evolution of our planet. We can do that by connecting with nature. Thomas feels very close to the answers he gets from being in nature.
32:54 - Your immune system is your self-esteem. Spirituality is being taken away from our children. Society and education is focusing on humanism in stead. This becomes a big problem.
Mechanics of modern medicine is not to understand the whole body, but dissect it into parts; and see what kind of medication can be used. We just need to be more involved in our own healing and not only have others tell us. 
44:09 - Relaxing the nervous system. It’s all focused around our breath. EES system (Energy Enhancement System) by Dr. Sandra Rose Michael. Scalar fields, Tesla insights, gyroscope work. This offers technological assistance to what we are already trying to do through our energy.
Holographic blood analysis is part of the work Dr. Thomas is doing. It shows him patterns in the blood his patients may not be able to tell him. They often only discuss the tip-of-the-iceberg. His work with Dr. Stephen Bigelson and working with dental issues as a base for underlying diseases. Antibiotics effects our tendons.
52:20 - Antibiotics have a lifespan of 15 years, and have a consciousness of their own. Thomas is looking for the “key” of the matter; what unlocks the symptoms.
Defining the word health. Dr. Sexton’s work in Washington DC from 1996-1999: most patients had a chronic degenerative disease. Why?
Fear is a very big issue right now. We got to get into the environment that give you life and that gives the disease life. The Universe is within us. 
Again, the EES system benefits versus deep meditation. 
1:00:51 - Rothchilds and other powerful, rich families know about these technologies and want to hide it from us. UFO abductions, reverse-engineered UFO’s, atom-bomb in Hiroshima, Australians were hammered during COVID, and they bought the lie. The wisdom and harmony of the elderly in the family.
Dr. Sexton’s work with colonics, enemas and body cleansing during the 1970’s. He also worked with Ann Wigmore. You can’t eat your way to heaven; it’s OK to sometimes eat some junk food. 
1:09:35 - Young (22) man died recently, committed suicide. Has Dr. Sexton worked with young people with mental health issues? Jacobus talks about ADHD and how these kids are treated in the education system. Rudolph Steiner confronted Adolph Hitler, which crippled him emotionally.
Thomas’ daughter had suicidal trauma happen with two close friends. Stability is necessary. What he sees in the blood of young children is very individual (toxicity and burdens, effects of vaccines). His own transformation.
1:16:17 - How are we dealing with cancer and death? It’s a result of your environment.
His English teacher back-when inspired him to expand his thinking.
Some talk about Anthony William and intuitive healing lessons. His own work is based on energy. He can see a change in Dark Field microscopy from the blood of the same person within the same session. Psycho-kinesis is like a prayer. Going within and positive visualization are important to achieving true health. That may be a combination between spirit and technology.
1:27:55 - Diagnostic equipment comes from us, the human mind, the human spirit, the universe. Standardized herbal extracts do work; they are even used as a basis for prescription drugs. Chinese herbology even uses certain insects. Certain herbs have toxic components in them but those are neutralized by the surrounding components of that herb. What is a cooling and what is a warming  herb?
We need to nurture and support the system, not do an exorcism on them.
COVID vaccine are synthetically reproduced venoms and poisons being inoculated, manipulated, and injected into your system, creating a new you. It is diabolical. 
1:36:40 - Dr. Sexton felt this virus going on in his own body. He knew something was different. Usually the healers get and feel it first. They now understand what to expect and what to do about it.
The bellybutton is the beginning of your present life. Push it in with your finger and you feel the organ that is immediately affected by it.
Seven planets in retrograde recently. How may that affect us?
Modern medicine hasn’t cured anything; they just manage disease. And that is very expensive, almost out of reach. Let’s focus on making our Ascension.
1:46:01 - Hearing information and the light-switch goes on, comes from inspiration, or education, or even illumination. People need to become active participants in their healing. But sadly, healing has become very complicated.
Thomas’ experience with early childhood vaccines, and going to church. How about churches being blocked during COVID? Jacobus’s children today and their opinion about how we took them to church at an early age. Dr. Thomas’ suggestion about “asking Angels for help.”
Matt Kahn, a spiritual mystic, shares his experiences from life. Distinguishing between being an intuitive and an empath. 
Jesus’s life between 13 and 30 years old is not being told by major religions. We change people by our frequency and vibration. We need to turn them on.
1:58:35 - Aliens look like amphibians when they come to earth but eventually morph into human form… scary stuff! All this crap is coming too life; and we need to deal with it.
His own goal is to make biological medicine a common name. The blood is so important to observe. It makes us all unique because how all inspirations, experiences, thoughts and actions affect us.
A quick note on Edward Bach, MD.
2:04:23 - End

Saturday Oct 21, 2023

Deb Wheaton is president and co-owner of Gluten-Free Prairie.
This is a woman-owned, family operated, certified gluten-free oat-based business in Manhattan, Montana.
After Deb and her daughter Amy were officially diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2005, they started a journey towards healing from a disease that had caused devastating health issues.
From the start that road has definitely not been easy. However, their new lifestyle is working for them. And their networking with doctors, different gluten-free focused organizations, and their outreach towards fellow sufferers has been very gratifying.
This is Deb's story. 
00:00 - Introduction of podcast and Deb Wheaton. 
Telling about her journey of Celiac Disease diagnosis; and how she has started focusing on creating awareness. She received insights and support from professors at MSU (Montana State University). 
How she learned a lot from when her daughter was diagnosed in 2005.
Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disease.
08:20 - Deb realized that she herself had the same symptoms for a long time. She got diagnosed as well.
How did they have to adjust the kitchen in their house to make sure there were no more gluten contaminants. 
Deb started having symptoms when she was 12(!). Things only got worse and have caused a lot of symptoms until she received her own official diagnosis.
The mind-gut connection and the vagus nerve.
15:25 - When they discovered that her daughter was not crazy, on drugs, anorexic, or emotionally unstable, and the official diagnosis came through, their real journey to healing started.
Celiac Disease was discovered in 1949 in France (the Banana Babies).
Gluten-free products back then was very boring, seemingly undigestible. Then rice was introduced into breads. Fruits, vegetables, meats and fish are all gluten-free. Deb’s brain fog and migraines started to lift within three months.
Deb’s Mom probably also had (undiagnosed) celiac disease; she died at age 62.
Book: Celiac Disease: a Hidden Epidemic, by Peter H.R. Green, MD.
Another researcher who has changed lives in the Celiac world is Alessio Fasano, MD.
22:27 - Jacobus met someone back in 1994/1995 who had celiac disease, as did her daughter and grandson. (Jean Powell). Some info about Jean.
Symptoms associated with Celiac: multi symptom/multi-system disease: diarrhea, constipation, tooth enamel damage, anemia, attention deficit disorder, seizure disorder.
Does brain fog lead to anxiety? Overlapping disorders recognized in Celiac Disease as well as in low-thyroid disorders.
34:48 - There are two genes directly linked to CD: Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) DQ2 and DQ8 (CD Gene Testing)(about $200.00 together). You need to have ONE of these TWO genes (blood test) in order to be officially diagnosed with Celiac:
95% of patients with CD have one or both of these genes. If you have symptoms but don’t have one of these two genes, find the cause of your disease somewhere else. Autoimmune diseases can be linked; and gluten can be a major factor. 
Many CD sufferers are diagnosed after age 60.
42:00 - For every year you have suffered it will take roughly one month of actual healing. You will notice improvements quicker, but true healing will take much longer.
If you are diagnosed with CD, you cannot get lazy regarding your diet. 
People going to Italy (or other European nations) and they can eat the breads there. Why is that? United States wheat farmers are paid more for a higher gluten yield than European farmers. Many US gluten-free breads can contain other allergens, such as tapioca, xanthan gum, or guar gum. Create loft in your dough with (pharmaceutical grade) psyllium husks.
54:24 - Is Celiac disease in the United States approached differently than how they do things in Europe? Northern Europe has more CD than southern Europe.
Documentary How Beer Saved The World. 
After the cultivation of grasses, ancient man started cultivating wild oats.
Buckwheat (funny name) is gluten-free.
Some of the products Deb Wheaton makes and sells at  
Hunger Buster cookie, oat groats, oat flour, chocolate brownie mix, pizza dough, and others. No rice, no corn, no xanthan gum.
How do they know their oats are gluten-free? R5 ELISA Test.
1:04:25 - Gluten and ADHD, especially in children. Why is there a possible link? Also, look at how/what children eat while in school.
No human on the planet can completely digest gluten 100%. So there could be issue with gluten-intolerance in stead of celiac disease. Jacobus’ story about a recent food allergy test including gluten test. Deb reacts by talking about peripheral neuropathy, distilled spirits, and dry eyes (Sjögrens Autoimmune Disease). 
Don’t restrict children at a very young age yet; let them enjoy all the foods until they really start showing (gluten) symptoms. 
1:18:16 - There are currently two drugs in second level clinical studies: People can participate in the studies (Participate)
Taking Gluten-Ease type enzymes: smart idea? It’s not a treatment or cure.
Doing an endoscopy and colonoscopy are the Gold Standard in diagnosing Celiac Disease.
Having one of the two above-mentioned genes doesn’t mean you will be celiac. Think about a new baby who hasn’t had gluten yet…
Great information on Celiac Foundation website.
1:28:59 - End

Wednesday Oct 18, 2023

Billy Joe Arthur is a hardworking entrepreneur, who has also been a well-respected chef.  His business card would say "Never Trust a Skinny Chef."
Besides tasting his own food, he enjoyed wining and dining and enjoyed many late nights.
On top of that Billy Joe worked in casinos in Las Vegas. This eventually made him balloon to about 418 pounds. At the time of this interview he is down to about 215, and he is hoping to reach 195 pounds within the next few months. 
His is a wonderful, moving, and uplifting story.
00:00 - Introduction of show and of Billy Joe. on Facebook/Meta: 100 Pound Fat Loss Forum.
3:13 - How Billy Joe and Jacobus met. And, his funny business card. 
How and when did his weight loss journey begin? Failure with progress.
His battle with diabetes as well. Hemoglobin A1c levels. Billy Joe did not want to take Metformin. His doctor really helped him in this process.
12:59 - What’s his next weight goal? And how does he see his aging process? His brain clarity has gotten better as well.
How Billy Joe creates his own exercise routine. It’s primarily focused on moving. 
21:28 - What do you remember how you felt when you were 420 pounds?
What were some of the practical challenges he experienced? 
Do exercises you like, and that make you feel good. A lifestyle change is a process for most people. For him it’s walking, and finding respect for himself.
30:58 - During his trial and error with different diets, what did he learn? When he observed a stagnation in the new diet he would start “revenge” eating. Weight loss goals are achieved when you are happy and respect yourself, not when you reach the weight the books are telling you.
Eating in “windows,” and eating what you enjoy. Apoptosis is dying cells; we’re taking those old cells away.
38:30 - Eating while using intermittent fasting also helps to improve hormones. How to train yourself to start eating in “eating windows?”
Different qualities in food, how can it nourish us. Insulin is the fat-storing hormone. Replacing fat-in-food with sugars-in-food. Importance of grass-fed cows. How much protein is enough?
47:52 - We need to eat more good fats. Nuts, seeds, grains, beans are high in omega-6. Eating these foods can increase inflammation in the body. Jacobus explains. Western medicine treats inflammation with medication.
Too many trans fats, plaque building. Abstinence diet can give us more insights about what our body can handle.
57:56 - Professionals who have inspired Billy Joe in walking his current journey to better weight and better overall health? 
The importance of good digestion; and not drinking before, during, and after meals. Perhaps add apple cider vinegar, or freshly-squeezed lemon juice.
1:07:42 - Alkaline water: how does it work, what does it do? Is it important for us? The importance of getting your saliva in a balanced pH. 
The connection with osteoporosis. Using trace mineral drops in our water; or perhaps Himalayan sea salt. 
Including fibers in the diet. A few “chef’s” suggestions on Brussels sprouts, sauerkraut/kimchi.
1:17:07 - In your journey of losing the weight, did you include blood testing?
Using blood tests to get inspired to get serious with the diet? The education part is so very important. Inspired by doctors Jason Fung, and Mark Hyman, as well as motivational speaker Tony Robbins.
Salt is a very important nutrient.
1:26:23 - Many people feel they are guinea pigs for doctors and scientists. 
Look at diabetics and the promotion of medications in stead of nutritional counseling. When it comes to your health don’t play the odds.
Laughter is good for your health, as is practice of “Gratitude.” The more grateful you are the better you start feeling. The more you focus on it the more you get it; the more your health growths. 
1:33:39 - Billy Joe wants to interview at least 100 people ( and he invites interested listeners to go to his Facebook/Meta site 100 Pound Fat Loss Forum. 
Doing intermittent fasting PLUS the extra 1-day fast every week will help to shrink the extra skin as well. This is also for health reasons, not just for vanity. 
When we live with better health, we will have inner peace. This will help all our relationships.
1:44:44 - End.

Friday Aug 18, 2023

00:00 - Introduction of show and of Thomas. His email: 
04:00 - What has happened during these last three years of COVID-19? His work in Biological Medicine/LifeLogic.
His father was an obstetrician. There were issues in their father/son relationship.
09:20 - “Walking the Circle” approach to health and healing.
Working as an acupuncturist and using microscopes and live blood in his practice. It’s all about then Chi in our body.
15:18 - How Rudolf Steiner inspired him to become a spiritual scientist. Mysticism and science will eventually become “One.”
The place of western medicine in history.
20:45 - “Life is worth living all the way to the end.”
How can stress affect our life? Learning how to breath; not just with our nose and mouth, but with the whole body. Disease is stagnation.
25:00 - His inspiration from the Native American traditions. Honoring the elements in Nature; we have those also in our bodies. Honor-It!
Respecting and helping the elders.
Natives were the highest COVID-deaths; and they had the most lock-downs. They were also very compliant to the vaccines.
30:55 - Starvation diets work well according to science, depending on where your life-energy is at. The liver keeps a record of your life’s choices. Are we still connecting with our natural environment?
35:04 - Optimum efficiency in food is more important than a prescribed diet. Thomas used to work with Ann Wigmore, Michio Kushi, and George Osawa.
38:12 - How does he work as an acupuncturist? Thomas’ many travels, and people he’s worked with.
The way western medicine places itself in today’s life and economy. No real connection with the person; more focus on eliminating symptoms.
Where is our health care system now? What happened during COVID? The history of vaccines. Children are born every day: this is great business! However, vaccines are an insult onto our body system. People have lost trust into the medical system. 
47:53 - Thomas’ role as a practitioner: He helps people monitor their internal environment. Nature can help us find our compass again, and let go of fear.
Do you believe in a Higher Power? Only way to overcome the recent divide-and-conquer policies during COVID. Vaccines were made up way before the pandemic.
54:18 - They went after the elderly, first, and the children.
Attacks on the agricultural industry, as well as on natural medicine. There are natural cures for different cancers; but the powers-at-be have shelved those from public knowledge.
59:35 - Some proven benefits of acupuncture that cannot be understood. What/who triggered Thomas on this path of healing? What is one’s Truth.
01:08:29 - “Church” experience for both Thomas and Jacobus. You somehow need to connect to your “Spirit.” How to see that in children and grandchildren. Jacobus expresses some experiences and observations of our young generation.
01:17:14 - Thomas’ experience of listening to patients’ stories and then looking at what their blood is telling him. One drop of blood is a universe of information (Darkfield Microscopy). What is it? And how did he get into this?
01:25:00 - 50% of your healing happens when looking at your own blood! Healing comes from the inside-out. We have to go through a transitional stage.
Different diets: What can I eat and drink?
The coffee-ritual: a way to share communion with someone.
01:31:35 - We are valued by what we do, not by who we are. We are human BEINGS, not human DOERS!
So many people suffer traumas in life; what can it do to them?
01:36:54 - END  

Tuesday May 23, 2023

Mary Evans has been into self care and professionally helping others for more than thirty years.
In 1990 she opted for breast implants for self-esteem reasons.
In 2007 she had those cleaned out and replaced.
In 2023 she decided to have them explanted because she finally understood the dangers, and realized she was suffering from side-effects.
This is her story.
4:49 - What are the five things Mary has learned that may have changed her decision 33 years ago to get breast implants.
13:54 - Tell more about your journey, from how it started to what triggered you to have them removed.
16:46 - Starting in 1990, after breast feeding two children for more than three years, she was “…sucked dry and sucked flat!” 
An ad in the newspaper intrigued her; felt like an option to improve her self-esteem and confidence level; and it was gonna give her back her femininity. After about 30 days she started feeling the development of encapsulation.
23:45 - Mary had lumps develop in the armpits. She got a mammogram which confirmed these lumps were silicone particles that had escaped. Should she have lymphs taken out?
27:27 - In 2007 she was considering having the implants removed. In part because she had heard about an increased risk of developing an autoimmune disease. Talked to plastic surgeon who used to be a cardiologist. Had he heard of Breast Implant Illness (BII)?
Mary had her implants removed, but also replaced with smaller ones. Did she have the capsules removed as well? This was all done with the promise these new implants would last for life.
34:30 - She was battling an internal conflict with her soul about having implants. In 2010 Mary became more involved in healthy nutrition and using detox programs to help with possible effects. 
In 2015 she met other women with implants, in St. George, Utah. 
Visit with naturopathic doctor started new insights and recognition of symptoms. Followed with mammogram and full work-up at the Mayo Clinic.
45:38 - New FDA requirements since 2019 regarding breast implants.
Mary started experiencing breathing issues in 2021, as well as rashes, heart rhythm irregularity, and tinnitus. 
In 2022, she learned about ex-plants; and started communicating with another women she met on Social Media. 
54:35 - Ex-planting has to be done properly. What should it look like? Get much info at Mary started her search. Ended up in private clinic in Cleveland. 
1:04:28 - How did the surgery and prep go in Cleveland? What did she learn? She could have done a “lift” or a “fat-transfer” during the surgery. Implants can affect the endocrine system. 
Many women have implants removed after just months or a few years after getting them. Mary had them for 33 years. She doesn’t blame the doctors.
1:18:17 - Breast Implant Illness symptoms.
Ged Byrne, MD on podcast called “The Heal is Real” about “en-bloc” ex-plant surgery. 
Mary’s capsule and silicon removal process.
1:29:54 - (Toxic) ingredients in silicon and saline-filled breast implants. Amongst other things they can become hormone disrupters.
Dangers of formaldehyde, and connection with artificial sweeteners. First Gulf War story.
1:43:34 - Acronyms explained: BII and BIA-ALCL (breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma). What’s the FDA doing right now? 
Site: Breast Implants Illness and healing by Nicole (on Facebook). From 2019 on, women need to sign-off on the black-box warning.
Ex-plant surgery testimonial from Robyn Towt on “The Heal is Real” podcast, and how not all plastic surgeons know what they’re doing.
1:57:00 - Danica Patrick’s story related to breast implants and ex-plants. Had low self esteem about her breast size in an all-male racing world (NASCAR.)
Why are women so compelled to have implants? Mary thinks that it’s society’s image of women; men give women the perception they need to look a “certain” way.
2:05:48 - Article about an association between extra-capsular silicone gel from breast implants, and fibromyalgia. Explaining a different way of looking at fibromyalgia.
What and how can we teach our children.
The importance of healthy relationships.
2:15:49 - End

Friday Apr 14, 2023

Toby McAdam is the owner of RisingSun Health in Livingston, Montana.
His mastery of making iodine solutions and products are recognized and approved by the FDA. This has not been an easy journey, which he will discuss in this podcast. You will learn about different iodine solutions, how they're made, and what to use them for.
Iodine Information Website
(Lugols Iodine Solution) 
How to view and order Iodine products:
Risingsun Health Iodine Products
(Risingsun Iodine Products)
(844) 406-2339
(Bozeman Nutrition) 
4:25 - The need for Iodine as a nutrient. Only nutrient ever mandated by the government. WHO stated: Iodine deficiency leads to retardation. Chinese manuscripts talk about Iodine in 3,600BC.
6:30 - What is Iodine? How to correctly male Lugol’s Iodine. Povidone iodine and Prill iodine are chemical products; should be used externally, only.
13:35 - What is the best form of iodine? Iodine is unique: it knows what’s good and what’s bad. How much you need is different from what you get.
19:35 - Only live clinical study where people get enough iodine is Japan. They have the lowest cancer rates, most intelligent culture: diabetes is almost non-existent; and they live longer… until they move to a western culture and diet. Research on cancer treatments with iodine. Neuropathy is improved with iodine, so are weight gain, mental health issues, and IQ-levels.
25:50 - Things affecting iodine levels and utilization: cruciferous vegetables, chlorine in the water, NSAIDS. Best is to spray iodine on the food.
27:05 - Nascent iodine: How to make it. Cannot be heated; needs seven days to get ready.
32:00 - What happened to Toby in 2010: Legal issues with the FDA. Because of contempt of court he ended up paying large fine and do prison time.
40:15 - Once free, he started working with FDA on labels, Good Manufacturing Procedure (GMP) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
48:26 - Toby as a creative herbalist, and his desire to help others.
53:00 - Different iodine products at Risingsun Health: Nascent, Lugol’s, Potassium Iodide.
1:03:13 - How many milligrams of Nascent Iodine? How much of Lugol’s Iodine? When to take Potassium Iodide? Iodine works on pathogens.
1:14:35 - Iodine for cows and horses
1:16:10 - Mask use during COVID. Toby’s use of aspirin. Iodine from milk is called “accidental iodine supplementation.” Iodine’s presence in different types of salt.
1:24:00 - Japanese culture gets iodine from consuming sea vegetables. Iodine should be base-of-the-pyramid for health.
1:32:30 - The need for potassium: Eat a medium red potato or Yukon. Prescription potassium may not work as well as potassium in supplement form. List of foods rich in potassium.
1:41:08 - End

Friday Apr 14, 2023

Dr. Edward Dratz, Ph.D. is a Professor in Chemistry and Biochemistry at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana. His research focuses primarily on Alzheimer's, Cognitive Function, and Type-2 Diabetes. Within that framework we discuss the omega-3 essential fat DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid).
Dr. Dratz enjoys teaching at any level, from toddlers to graduate students, and adults alike. You can hear his energy in this podcast.
Contact him at  
(Please mention in the email subject you heard him on this podcast)
This interview took place on March 23, 2023
3:12 - What are the topics we talk about?
3:50 - What is DHA? And why is this fat so important?6:09 - Ocean fish is high in EPA/DHA.
8:04 - The two types of essential fatty acids; and their breakdown in the body.
11:09 - Many common foods are very high in Omega-6.
13:08 - DHA is an antidote to a peanut butter sandwich, and/or to a bad diet.
13:45 - Fructose is something we don't need in our diets. It affects us negatively. Rat experiments can be very helpful. Are all fish oils equal quality?
18:53 - How about vegans/vegetarians: What option do they have? The immune system can improve with more DHA.
20:49 - Experiment with school children giving them supplemental DHA for three month period: Reading skills improved dramatically, as well as children with behavioral issues.
24:47 - Dr. Dratz' dealings with the NIH (incl. the National Institute of Nursing Results, and the National Institute of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine).
29:00 - Similar success was found in a study at Oxford University, in England. Readers who were the poorest readers actually improved the most. Mentioning of a study from 2002 about the benefits of DHA on ADHD, and dopamine production.
32:05 - Recommended daily dosages for EPA and DHA, starting at moderate levels. DHA can also be beneficial for thoughts of suicide and postpartum depression. In a 20-year study of nurses about their diets: those with highest omega-3 levels in the blood had 50% less cancer and heart disease.
38:55 - Difference between grass-fed and grain-fed animals.
40:53 - Studies with Native American children, and what these students learned while working in the laboratory.
42:14 - EPA converting into DHA: depending on the presence of Omega-6s. Dr. Dratz' collaboration with universities in Australia. DHA studies with people suffering from anxiety.
47:55 - Contact information and closing.

Tuesday Feb 21, 2023

Specialties are Trauma-Informed:
Clinical Nutritionist, Traditional Chinese Herbalist, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner
Her Trauma-Informed approach is to help foster the Inner Healer that is within all of us and to help remove obstacles for the full manifestation of that Inner Healer within. She currently sees herself as a mediator and a guide to help her clients achieve their goals and reasons for their visits with her and whatever else unfolds.
As a Trauma-Informed Clinical Nutritionist:
Marion places an emphasis on metabolic imbalances, eating disorders, and weight loss which spans vast areas and includes the assessment of cardiovascular metabolism, blood sugar metabolism, digestive function & adequacy while considering the emotional and mental health challenges of each client, to help foster a healthy, balanced, and compassionate self-care while exploring what the potential obstacles are to this compassionate self-care.
As a Trauma-Informed Traditional Chinese herbalist:
Through the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine she does an assessment that considers the client’s symptoms, signs, tongue and pulses, with the goal to help foster the Inner Healer and to help reestablish Inner Balance through the lens of different Chinese Organ Domain Patterns which are mostly functional and energetic and not so much structural and localized in one particular organ, but can include a particular organ, hence Organ Domain Patterns.
As a Trauma-Informed & Certified Emotion Code Practitioner:
The Emotion Code, developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, is a very efficient method for tracking down trapped emotions and helping the person to release these trapped emotions to help foster that Inner Healer.  Trapped Emotions are those emotions that you have previously experienced but were overwhelming to you and so you have these stowed away. These trapped emotions can come from many sources: preconception (trapped before birth), prenatal (trapped or absorbed during pregnancy), inherited (from mom/dad/both), absorbed, or shared. 
Program Notes:06:00… What is an Autoimmune Disease? What are some of the body’s responses? All diseases have an emotional component. Diseases being genetic versus epigenetic.11:35… Different “more obscure” autoimmune diseases. Amy Myers, MD, and Bruce Lipton, PhD about epigenetics. Environment can turn-on and turn-off our genes. Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s) can affect our negative genes. 17:45… Amy Myers writes about connection between autoimmune disease and leaky gut. Marion elaborates. She felt there was a huge piece missing; especially ACE’s. Explaining some of the work of Bessel van der Kolk, MD and his book The Body Keeps the Score. Somatic experiencing for many works better than talk therapy.27:10… Michael Platt, MD’s book Adrenaline Dominance, highlighting fibromyalgia disorder. How are leaky gut and ACE’s connected? Dis-regulation of the autonomic nervous system affects everything through the vagus nerve. Jacobus talks about the brain (coach) versus the body (athlete) and how these two communicate through symptoms and cravings. Different stages of symptoms that keep aggravating and can turn into chronic disease(s).38:54… Marion’s own story about autoimmune pancreatic disorder starting in 2014. As years have gone by she realized how complex the autonomic nervous system is to work with. Trying to figure things out intellectually instead of from the heart. You need to discover self-compassion for self-discovery and healing.47:15… Adverse Childhood Experiences. Why can they be overwhelming? What is mis-attunement? Losing your authentic self, and losing your connection with your parents can affect one’s direction in life; emotional scars can affect our immune system. Trauma(capital-T) versus trauma (lower-t): trauma is not the event itself, but the feelings afterwards. Trauma is held in our nervous system. If mis-attunement is never restored it can turn into Trauma (Capital-T). Pre-verbal trauma.57:35… Neglect and abuse: these are polar opposites. Poly-vagal perspective, Ventral vagal, or the Window of Tolerance (Hyper-Arousal, Hypo-Arousal, Optimal Window.) How is this affecting our digestion? Sympathetic: more risk of diarrhea; para-sympathetic: more risk for constipation.1:11:59… Quick recap. “Energy” is vibration, which can create shape; dis-regulated energy can cause vibration/shape deregulation. Not everyone with leaky gut has autoimmune disease; nor does everyone with autoimmune disease suffer with leaky gut. Functional medicine practice and limitations.1:16:35… Video from PolyVagal Institute about the Vagal System (1:26:02… end.)      J & M elaborate on the video1:28:25… Importance of parents to keep continuing to “work” on themselves. Stephen Porges, Ph.D., developer of the Poly-Vagal Theory, head of NICABM (National Institute of Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine.)1:33:20… Kaiser Permanente research study on Adverse Childhood Experiences (1995-1997, 17,000 participants). What makes this a hallmark study? Marion explains the possible effects of ACE’s on emotions, chronic diseases, and attempted suicides.… Is this type of research actually applied? Counselors should actually do more continuous education about somatic/body trauma. We have drug-based medicine; the complexity of trauma is not really being taught. And how about Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).1:51:07… Diagnosing an autoimmune disease is important, then we have to look for causes. Why can mis-attunement also be called invisible ACE? Classic form of mis-attunement is Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) according to Gabor Maté. But it should better be called Authenticity Deficit Disorder.1:56:24… Where can people go for more information about these topics?, deep breathing, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)/Tapping; Somatic Therapy (Peter Levine, Ph.D.)/ Book: “Parenting from the Inside Out” Dan Siegel, MD,


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