Wednesday Feb 15, 2023

003 - An Introduction to Astrology, with Andi Jones

Andi attended the University of Central Arkansas, where she earned her first degree in the fields of Psychology and Philosophy, and later went back for a second time to study nutrition. She has always been intrigued by the way that different people think, perceive, and interact with the world around them. This curiosity eventually led her to the practice of astrology, which is the study of the alignment of the planets at the moment a person was born. Astrologers claim that the divine organization of the universe at any given moment in time can tell us something about the energetic nature of that moment, as well as give us insight into the minds and lives of the people who were born in that moment.

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Program Notes:
01:35… Intro
03:15… What is Astrology? 
04:55… Why do people use astrology? Ephemeris? 
09:10… Are there famous people who use astrology? 
11:50… What do you need to know before you start practicing astrology? What different kinds do we have and what’s the difference? Western/Tropical astrology and Eastern/Vedic astrology. Why are these important to understand? 
17:40… Why are people so interested in astrology? 
24:45… Do people feel that the astrological “blueprint” is reductive, and puts people in a box? 
27:40… What is the importance of your “rising sign?” What is a “house” in astrology? Andi explains all these houses. 
38:20… Andi explains Jacobus’ chart.
47:40… How does she use astrology in personal practice? It has become a second language for her. When was she introduced to it; and how did it become her interest?
55:00… The Myers Briggs personality assessment tests. Astrology versus personality tests?
1:00:25… The analogy of the Ship of Theseus. The Big Five personalities.
1:04:50… Is astrology a subjective practice of self-understanding? Andi explains the Mercury placement, -energy, and -patterns.
1:09:00… How does it work for twins, or triplets? There is always a male (Mars)/female (Venus) energy, which can actually adapt over time. How can the understanding of  astrology help in the field of health and healing?
1:17:54… How can someone “become” a mass murderer or criminal in their life? Or how can someone change personality all of a sudden? Ted Bundy’s conjunction. Soldiers dying in war at the same time; or people dying during natural disaster. Saturn/Pluto conjunction in 1914.
1:22:19… Was there a specific COVID conjunction? Again, Saturn/Pluto conjunction in early 2020. Will it happen again in the near future? Richard Tarnas’ book “Cosmos and Psyche - Intimations of a New World View.”
1:25:47… What are the biggest mistakes people make when talking about astrology?
1:30:01… Does Andi attract certain specific individuals and energies? Has astrology explained her relationships with others. 
1:34:37… Explaining Saturn Return. What Saturn Return means to each of us.
1:39:34… Can someone actually “believe” in astrology? Astrology is not a practice of how you should morally conduct yourself in the world. Astrology has taught her that the universe is neutral.
1:47:50… How do you explain the practice of astrology? Why is astrology based on patterns? Correlation versus causation.
1:54:45… Do you consider astrology to be a science? There is an observation which is followed by looking at synchronistic overlaps between planets. How can we check the scientific patterns of astrology?
2:02:07… How can people benefit from practicing astrology? People are abandoning traditional organized religion.That is a problem. Astrology is a conceptional model that is based in a scientific discipline; and it is expansive. This may help people to, once again, make sense of the world around them.
2:07:50… How can a planet correlate with certain behaviors, but not be the cause of certain emotions? Lunar (“Lunatic”) cycles and correlation with psychiatric emergency room visits. 
2:12:00… Most people rather hear the good stuff, not the negative things. Tips of how NOT to practice astrology? What to focus on when just getting into the studies of astrology, or when seeing a professional astrologer? Allopathic medicine often makes fatalistic predictions without including the possibility of miracles.
2:21:31… Do true Christians accept astrology? How often should people have their astrological chart done? And what chart-options are there? Try not to be closed-off in your approach to the information. The progressive chart: 90 days after being born represents 90 years in your life. Transit chart: what’s happening in your life right now today.
2:31:20… Benefic Planets versus Malefic planets. Family dynamics are often great or challenging at times because of different individual charts. Stephen Forrest book “Inner Sky.”
2:38:02… End

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