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011 - Moving Forward From The Recent COVID Years, with Thomas Sexton, L.Ac.

Dr. Thomas Sexton's mind and spirit work hard every day. Not just for his patients, but also for himself. 
I therefore always enjoy hearing his words, his train of thoughts, his life experiences... good, tough, and bad. He is a very interesting intuitive healer, letting his patients' blood and energy fields dictate the path that should get the best results. He therefore puts himself in neutral and is guided by the knowledge of the universe that is both outside us and within us. 
It always makes for an interesting conversation because of the overlapping concepts, and using wisdom he has learned from so many teachers during his 50 years of practice. Meanwhile, he is a child at heart.
Again, I had a great time with him. Perhaps sit back, relax, and let it all come over you.
0:00 - Beginning and Introduction
Urgency of the 3-year COVID cycle: very disturbing.
Doctors were blacklisted; conflicting information was broadcasted.
Possible infertility because of the vaccine and shedding. People were controlled by fear. So much more is happening behind the scenes; meanwhile, we are told a lie. Today our kids get too many shots. We are overmedicated but we are not #1 in health.
08:05 - We are being disempowered.
Dr. Bryan Ardis (at recent seminar) talks about helping long-haul COVID sufferers with nicotine patches.
Different governments have been poisoning their populations for many decades. We now have autoimmune diseases. Dr. Sexton says that is ridiculous. Natural medicine has been around for four thousand years, Western medicine only around for 125 years, calls it “alternative.”
He is not a fan of Louis Pasteur.
15:53 - You can see it in the blood. What does that mean?
Thomas got into microscopy in Germany in the 1980’s. He then got involved with Dark Field microscopy, looking at actual live blood. People have diseases based on the environment they live in, including the environment of love and the environment of stress.
24:00 - Dealing with three times COVID; it really affected him.
We need to use our experience to help prepare others. It is a spiritual battle and initiation. 
Thomas grew up questioning. He questioned the Vietnam War; today it’s questioning COVID, and the fires in Maui.
You cannot give what you don’t have. You cannot give health if you don’t have health. We need to study and understand the history and evolution of our planet. We can do that by connecting with nature. Thomas feels very close to the answers he gets from being in nature.
32:54 - Your immune system is your self-esteem. Spirituality is being taken away from our children. Society and education is focusing on humanism in stead. This becomes a big problem.
Mechanics of modern medicine is not to understand the whole body, but dissect it into parts; and see what kind of medication can be used. We just need to be more involved in our own healing and not only have others tell us. 
44:09 - Relaxing the nervous system. It’s all focused around our breath. EES system (Energy Enhancement System) by Dr. Sandra Rose Michael. Scalar fields, Tesla insights, gyroscope work. This offers technological assistance to what we are already trying to do through our energy.
Holographic blood analysis is part of the work Dr. Thomas is doing. It shows him patterns in the blood his patients may not be able to tell him. They often only discuss the tip-of-the-iceberg. His work with Dr. Stephen Bigelson and working with dental issues as a base for underlying diseases. Antibiotics effects our tendons.
52:20 - Antibiotics have a lifespan of 15 years, and have a consciousness of their own. Thomas is looking for the “key” of the matter; what unlocks the symptoms.
Defining the word health. Dr. Sexton’s work in Washington DC from 1996-1999: most patients had a chronic degenerative disease. Why?
Fear is a very big issue right now. We got to get into the environment that give you life and that gives the disease life. The Universe is within us. 
Again, the EES system benefits versus deep meditation. 
1:00:51 - Rothchilds and other powerful, rich families know about these technologies and want to hide it from us. UFO abductions, reverse-engineered UFO’s, atom-bomb in Hiroshima, Australians were hammered during COVID, and they bought the lie. The wisdom and harmony of the elderly in the family.
Dr. Sexton’s work with colonics, enemas and body cleansing during the 1970’s. He also worked with Ann Wigmore. You can’t eat your way to heaven; it’s OK to sometimes eat some junk food. 
1:09:35 - Young (22) man died recently, committed suicide. Has Dr. Sexton worked with young people with mental health issues? Jacobus talks about ADHD and how these kids are treated in the education system. Rudolph Steiner confronted Adolph Hitler, which crippled him emotionally.
Thomas’ daughter had suicidal trauma happen with two close friends. Stability is necessary. What he sees in the blood of young children is very individual (toxicity and burdens, effects of vaccines). His own transformation.
1:16:17 - How are we dealing with cancer and death? It’s a result of your environment.
His English teacher back-when inspired him to expand his thinking.
Some talk about Anthony William and intuitive healing lessons. His own work is based on energy. He can see a change in Dark Field microscopy from the blood of the same person within the same session. Psycho-kinesis is like a prayer. Going within and positive visualization are important to achieving true health. That may be a combination between spirit and technology.
1:27:55 - Diagnostic equipment comes from us, the human mind, the human spirit, the universe. Standardized herbal extracts do work; they are even used as a basis for prescription drugs. Chinese herbology even uses certain insects. Certain herbs have toxic components in them but those are neutralized by the surrounding components of that herb. What is a cooling and what is a warming  herb?
We need to nurture and support the system, not do an exorcism on them.
COVID vaccine are synthetically reproduced venoms and poisons being inoculated, manipulated, and injected into your system, creating a new you. It is diabolical. 
1:36:40 - Dr. Sexton felt this virus going on in his own body. He knew something was different. Usually the healers get and feel it first. They now understand what to expect and what to do about it.
The bellybutton is the beginning of your present life. Push it in with your finger and you feel the organ that is immediately affected by it.
Seven planets in retrograde recently. How may that affect us?
Modern medicine hasn’t cured anything; they just manage disease. And that is very expensive, almost out of reach. Let’s focus on making our Ascension.
1:46:01 - Hearing information and the light-switch goes on, comes from inspiration, or education, or even illumination. People need to become active participants in their healing. But sadly, healing has become very complicated.
Thomas’ experience with early childhood vaccines, and going to church. How about churches being blocked during COVID? Jacobus’s children today and their opinion about how we took them to church at an early age. Dr. Thomas’ suggestion about “asking Angels for help.”
Matt Kahn, a spiritual mystic, shares his experiences from life. Distinguishing between being an intuitive and an empath. 
Jesus’s life between 13 and 30 years old is not being told by major religions. We change people by our frequency and vibration. We need to turn them on.
1:58:35 - Aliens look like amphibians when they come to earth but eventually morph into human form… scary stuff! All this crap is coming too life; and we need to deal with it.
His own goal is to make biological medicine a common name. The blood is so important to observe. It makes us all unique because how all inspirations, experiences, thoughts and actions affect us.
A quick note on Edward Bach, MD.
2:04:23 - End

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